Privacy Policy

Referral Program of VPBank Finance Company Ltd (VPB FC) explains main points of conditions about referring candidate to work at VPB FC. We focus on connecting referral network because we believe our employees know what's best for the company. We want to make everything about the Program as clear and convenient as possible for our staffs and candidates.

1.       Scope of application

Our Referral Program is only applied for the external referral of all positions at VPB FC updated once a week by Talent Acquisition directly on Talent Referral system.

2.       Terms and conditions

2.1 What is a Reward supporting amount?

Reward supporting amount is a cash fee you’ll receive from VPB FC when you successfully introduce a suitable candidate for our vacancy. Therefore, if you have any acquaintance/friend would be a best choice for our position, please recommend us. In case your referred candidate is hired, you’ll earn this grant. The amount should depending on each job posting.

2.2   Principles:

-       The supporting amount would be paid by 02 separately instalments as below details:

o    50% value of amount at 1st  instalment if the referred candidate continues to work after the second working month;

o    50% value remaining shall be paid if the referred candidate continues to work after the fourth working month.

-       This amount will be paid to your banking account along with the monthly salary. You’re entitled to pay the PIT on this grant (if any).

-       In case of duplicated referral occurs, the first qualified referral received will be counted based on history of submission recorded.

-       If the referred candidate is hired successfully within one (01) year since the date of submission even for another position, the referral will be still valid during this period.

-       There is no limit to the number of application submission of each posted position and number of referral of each employee.

-       The reward shall be paid unless referred candidate or you has left VPB FC or submitted resignation form at payment period.

2.3 Who is joining our Referral Program?

This program is designed to all individual who is working at VPB FC under labor contract or service contract, excluding:

a.       Members of BODs;

b.       CEO and Deputy CEO;

c.        Talent Acquisition Department;

d.       External vendors to work at VPB FC;

e.       Line manager or Competent  Authorities related to recruitment activities of referred vacancies, excludes Mass positions.

Note: The line manager or Competent  Authority impacts directly or even indirectly on recruitment result of vacant position is not allowed to participate in its referral progress. However, it is acceptable for the introducing into other departments, other offices or other job functionalities (apply for group (e) only).

2.4 Which type of candidate could be referred?

A qualified candidate could be eligible for referral on condition that:

a.       He/she hasn’t been in data provided by Headhunters which are currently working for VPB FC.

b.       He/she isn’t a current employee or collaborator of VPB FC’s third parties. Only former employee or collaborator who had left these companies at least 03 months is accepted.

c.        He/she could be a former employee or collaborator of VPB FC but has to leave VPB FC at least 06 months.

d.       If he/she is a Referrer’s relatives such as parent, husband/wife, children, brothers/sisters, the Referrer won’t refer him/her to work under same Line manager at VPB FC or in the Unit which has conflicts of interest as regulations of relatives employment of VPB FC at certain period.

TAD takes responsibility to make cross-check and inform to you in case of duplicated/invalid data occurs.

Encourage Referrer to be proactive in checking out new referral joblist through Talent Referral/email. Consider using social media and your networking to find suitable candidates.

We are able to seasonally adjust the policy of this Program according to proposal/regulation promulgated by VPB FC at certain period. We also reserve the right to deny awarding bonuses to specified case if we figure out incorrect points in the referral workflow. We will clearly and promptly notify you in case of any changes.

We ensure to provide a level playing field for employees within the Referral Program as well as equal opportunities in all respects regarding referred candidates. The candidates of this resource will be given priority to be considered in whole recruitment workflow. All steps from receiving to screening applications shall be guaranteed to follow up closely with SLA committed on recruitment regulations at VPB FC at certain period.