Hỏi đáp

When will I receive my reward?

The reward will be paid after your candidate has passed their probation period.

How much is the reward?

The reward amount is standard to the company standards for successful referrals.

How am I informed about the status of my referral?

Your referral’s statuses are displayed on your homepage and we send you an update email. This status is being kept up to date by your recruitment department and is updated approximately once a week.

Does my employer now have access to my social network?

No, your employer does not have access to your social network or to your login details. You decide whom you want to introduce to your company. See the privacy policy for further details.

An acquaintance of mine has applied via another colleague, but I have also sent this person an email. Do I get a reward as well?

No, only the employee who has acquired the applicant gets the reward.

I cannot send an invitation, what now?

The server of the selected social network might be unavailable. Please try again later. If the error keeps coming back, please contact us at help@socialreferral.com.

I would like to delete a post from my social network. Can this be done via SocialReferral?

No, posts can only be deleted via the social network (e.g. a post on Facebook, must be deleted via Facebook).

Can my colleagues see my matches?

No they don’t. You are the only one that has excess to your contacts and nobody else. How does the point system work? Please check out the Competition page for the points schedule.

I want to delete my account. How can I do that?

Send us an email at help@socialreferral.com and we’ll delete your profile